A frequent and probably one of the most valuable tips about getting things done is to start your day with the most important tasks (especially if you’re a morning person) or the most disliked tasks.

Before you start on your tasks each day, though, it’s a good idea to check:

·       Your notes – Run through your notes. You made them for a reason, so be sure to check them every morning.  Put your appointments on your calendar, your chores on your to-do list, and your long-term goals on your bucket list.

Then check:

·       Your calendar. See what’s up for the day and for the coming week or two.

·       Your to-do list. Have tasks front and center. If you see them often, you are more likely to get them done. This list is there to remind you of what you need to do soon.

·       Your bucket list. Maybe you can do part of a project this week. If you don’t think about them they’ll never get done.

·       Your inboxes, both virtual and actual. Save them for last. A lot of them will include requests from other people, and if you handle them first, you might get lost in the forest and not get your own trees taken care of. However, if you can start your day with your inboxes empty, you’ll be ahead for the rest of the day and will be motivated to get even more done. But again, be sure not to get caught up in other things. Move chores from there to your to-do list or calendar, or take notes. But unless it’s an emergency, get going on what you had planned for the day first.

Isn’t it a great feeling to be in control and have a plan? I thought so. Enjoy your day!


  1. Jan,

    You make good points. The researchers March and Simon wrote an article years ago in which they said that short-term goals tend to dominate over the long-term ones. Making a list helps me to prioritize the long-term writing goals. Otherwise I just float from one short-term activity to another. Not good!

    A spoof: “YOU TALK TOO MUCH, Babies Tell Parents”

    • Hi, Gail. Yes, it’s so tempting to float! You are, after all, accomplishing SOMETHING. But you may wish to be accomplishing something more long-term, so it’s important to have both short- and long-term goals in mind at all times. Now I’m off to read your latest spoof!! Thanks for “stopping by.”
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