Thursday Time Management Tip: Have a pile of paper needing attention? Every morning, pick one piece of it (no need to look through the pile, just grab something) and determine to deal with it that day.

Some papers will need a few days to resolve an issue—phone calls, emails, etc. Keep working on that paper until you are done. The next day after that, pick another one, and go! To get to the bottom of the pile, you have to deal with every paper that comes in every day. Best to do this as soon as you get the mail. Once in a great while, you will need to keep one for a period of time. Have a separate pile for those, and put the date it needs to be handled on your calendar. I hope this is helpful!

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  1. Take a match and light it. Toss on the paper. Scream–BURN, BABY, BURN!!!! —walk out of the room. Close door. Go about your day as the problems are solved and you have used excellent time management skills.

  2. That would work even better if the whole house burned down and you had nothing left to use your amazing time managment skills on. Make sure you and Scott evacute in time!

    • I found the only way I can follow it, Susan, is to pick a paper first when I sit down at my desk. Just grab one and set it on my desk, or even handle it right then and there. if it won’t take too long.

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