Especially for my writer friends (but nonwriters can steal these tips), before you leave your desk for the day or night:

BACKUP YOUR WORK: In two places is best. I use OneDrive and a thumb drive, then once a month I back up to an external drive I keep in a water and fireproof small safe.

CLEAR OFF YOUR DESK: Put everything away and file anything that needs filing.

CALENDAR: Make sure everything is written on your calendar and check to see if you have any early-morning appointments.

TO-DO LIST: Be very systematic with your to-do list. Quickly write down everything you hope to accomplish the next day, but then put everything in order of priority.

DO ONE EXTRA THING: If needed, for example, write one email you owe. Deal with one piece of paper you’ve been hanging onto. Make a quick phone call you’ve been putting off.

Did I leave out anything anyone thinks is also important? Let me know in the comments!

10 thoughts on “ENDING YOUR DAY RIGHT

  1. If I did all you do to end the day, I’d never get to bed. Clean off my desk? Where would I put it all? Yikes. I shall think of your advice every night, and I will back up my work. I’ll definitely do that one.

    • Well, Susan, what’s on your desk? Are you sure it all needs to be there all the time? I’m glad you’re going to back up regularly. There’s nothing worse for a writer than losing her work!

    • Great. Of course you realize, I don’t always follow mjy own advice. This is the one piece that’s most often not done. But if we get into the habit . . .

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