Today my son arrives from up in North Texas, and I’ve been cooking up a storm, with still a bit more to do (apple pie), so I’m not much in the mood to write a blog post about organization, time management, or writing.

But I do want to let everyone know about my newest novel, Perfect Victim, first in a series about a private investigator whose name is Paula Mitchell. How did I come up with the name? My father’s name was Paul, and I grew up with him and my mother on Mitchell Place in New Jersey. I once read that many soap opera stars are named after their first pets and the street where they grew up. I wanted to honor my father (and my aunt who was glad she was born second, or she would have been named Paula), so Paula Mitchell was born.

Right now, Perfect Victim is only available for Kindle applications and devices, here:

You will find out all about it there—the description and so on. In a week or so, I expect the print version to be available, as well. Here’s the cover!

I hope you’ll check it out. What do you think about the cover? I have become so tired of all the dark covers for mysteries, so I decided to do something different, and Derek Murphy, the artist who has been doing all my covers, used the background image of the white living room I pointed him to and came up with this. I think it’s stunning. Derek is amazing.