Hello World!

Do you like my newsboy hat? You’ll see it whenever I want to announce something . . . new. Right now, I want to say hello, and welcome to my website and blog.

You probably realize I like hats. I figured out that using them here is a quick and easy way for visitors to know at a glance what I’m going to talk about. I had a hard time finding a hat for organization, then saw the little image with an organized closet with, yes, hats in it. The rest are, I hope, easy to figure out. The only question may be about the gray fedora which I’ll use to talk about writing in general. Since I write both light and dark mysteries, and some people only read one or the other, I have the white and black fedoras to indicate which is which.

You may be wondering what I’m going to talk about here. I have three major passions (not including my family and friends–they’re in a class by themselves)–writing, travel and the organization of time and space.  I think that’s a little much to cover in one blog, so I’m going to stick with organization and writing. One reason for that is I’ve written a mystery novel about a professional organizer I hope to publish by the end of summer and am working on a non-fiction book about the subject as well. I expect to do a series about the professional organizer, so it makes sense to combine the two subjects on my blog.

The plan here is to start with a two-day-a-week schedule with Mondays being Organizer Day, and Fridays Writing Day. Please check in often, or even sign-up for email notifications about updates. I look forward to many comments and any suggestions you have about subject matter.

Welcome to my blog!