Links to Some Published Works

On this page you’ll find many of the non-fiction writings I’ve had published. Most of my non-fiction will be about reading, writing, and personal organization of your space and time. If any of those subjects interest you, look here to read more.

Soon there will be my first non-fiction book about personal organization to go along with my mystery novels about a professional organizer (the Tina Tales).

Already there are two books edited by other people with articles written by me in them. You’ll find links to them here. Click on any cover to learn more about each one.

There are interviews and blog posts, as well. I’ve been busy. I hope you enjoy these offerings and get some good advice out of them. Be sure to contact me if you have any questions or comments, or if you’d like to me to guest blog or write an article for your book or magazine about any of these subjects..

My NonFiction Books

... Coming soon ...

Other Books with Articles

Getting It Down
Plotting Murder with Secrets and Surprises

Links to Published Articles

The Writing Life for Readers
  • Mysterical-e : Fall/Winter 2012-2013
    How To Find Humorous Writing that Will Make You Laugh
  • Mysterical-e : Spring/Summer 2012
  • Your Home Library: Care and Storage
  • Mysterical-e : Winter 2011
  • Banning Books
  • Mysterical-e : Fall 2011
  • The Best Short Stories
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  • Marginalia
  • Mysterical-e : Spring 2011
  • Reading, A Guilty Pleasure
  • Mysterical-e : Winter 2010
  • The Reading Process
  • Mysterical-e : Fall 2010
  • How to Remember What You Read
  • Mysterical-e : Summer 2010
  • Reading Thoughtfully
  • Mysterical-e : Spring 2010
  • What Do Readers Want?
  • Mysterical-e : Winter 2009
  • Interviews

    Interview with P. J. Nunn
  • Bookbrowsing : August, 2012
  • The Lighter Side of Jan Christensen
  • A Writer's Jumble : April 9, 2012
  • Guest Blogged

    ... Coming soon ...