You’ve been keeping lists of your to-dos, and even crossing off some. Maybe you notice that several of them have been hanging around on the list way too long. Probably because you dread doing them. They are unpleasant in some way—will take too long, get you all hot and sweaty, take too much brain power, or something else.

Want to clear those tasks from your list in a hurry? Pick one day to do them all, or as many of them as you can cram into the day.

Decide on a time to start and a time to finish. Work for your one hour, take a ten-minute break, work the next hour, take a break and continue until mid-day when you take an hour for lunch and relaxation. Then go again in the afternoon with one hour/ten-minute break until the time you decided you would stop. You may even get on such a roll that you decide to continue until you have more done.

Friday’s a good day to do this. You have the weekend to look forward to, and during that weekend you can bask in all you accomplished on Friday.

2 thoughts on “PICK A DAY TO CLEAR

  1. Another suggestion: force yourself to do at least one painy “to-do” each day. Sometimes I see all I have to do and it’s so overwhelming, I do nothing at all. Now that’s bad. If I worked on them gradually, they WOULD get done.

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  2. I agree, Gail, if the “painy” to dos are small. And if that works for you, whether they’re big or small, that’s good. But if there are several that you dread doing hanging fire, it might be better to just pick a day and try to do as many as you can. I usually spread things out, working for about an hour a day on a project that will take me several hours. But I saw this idea the other day and thought it might work better for some people. As always, whatever works for you! Thanks for stopping by.

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