If you like suspense.
If you like interesting characters.
If you like an intriguing plot.
If you like a little romance with your mysteries.
If you like crime in high places—

SecretsofHonor_front_1600x2400_May2I have a book to recommend.

Carol Kilgore’s latest crime fiction with a kiss novel involves beautiful women and beautiful jewelry. It features the President of the United States and his first lady. And a hunk, Dave, for the main character, Kat Marengo to hanker for. Kat and Dave are working for a secret agency with ties to Homeland Security. They are tasked with watching out for suspicious persons at an event the President is attending, and they each have special skills for doing that, Kat in particular.

The stakes are raised when the First Lady secretly places a note in her hand asking Kate to meet her later. When she does, the First Lady tells Kat a friend’s daughter has been kidnapped. That’s when things get dangerous. For the First Lady who is willing to trade herself for the safe return of the girl, and for Dave and Kat who decide to locate the child and bring her home.

Well, of course you’ll have to read the book to find out if Dave and Kat get together. And if they accomplish the First Lady’s mission. The jewelry adds an interesting note, as does Kat’s expertise with disguises.

Grab a copy here either in print or ebook format:

You won’t be disappointed.