Short Fiction

Short stories–you might guess I love to write them. In this section you will find every one mentioned I’ve had published over the years. The majority are singles and many were published in long-defunct print magazines and ezines. Others are still available on line. You’ll find links to those in the list at the bottom of the page.

Still others are in anthologies (multiple-author books of short stories or essays) or collections (single-author books of short stories or essays).

The Artie Crimes stories are a newer breed–stand-alone ebook short stories with covers.

The WARNING SIGNS 1 book is the first in a series of collections of my previously published short stories that are no longer available anywhere else. Some stories are on the light side; others on the dark side. Look for dark and light frames around the covers, and for the white or black fedoras to quickly learn which is which. These collections will usually have three stories in them with the occasional bonus story, perhaps a flash fiction piece or an unpublished one.

I hope you have fun clicking and reading. Having fun is what this is all about!

Books Containing My Short Stories

Warning Signs
Artie and the Brown-Eyed Woman
Artie and the Green-Eyed Woman
Artie and the Red-Headed Woman
Artie and the Long-Legged Woman
Santa Solves A Murder
Blow Up
Tricks But No Treats

Published Short Stories

"Paula’s Elephant"

Paula’s Elephant

"The Artie Crimes Bundle"

The Artie Crimes Bundle


Mystery Weekly
October 2015

"Just A Man"

July 2015

"Who’s Who"


"After Hour Blues"

January, 2015

"Grave Matters"

Kings River Life
June 30, 2014

"In My Neighbor’s Garden"

Texas Gardner's SEEDS
January 2, 2013

"A Rock in My Pocket"

A Rock in My Pocket
Yellow Mama
Winter 2011

"Getting There"

Long Story Short
April 2010


January 2010


June 2009

"Trolling for Trouble"

Ruthless Peoples
March 2009, page 66

"Taking Care of Our Own"

February 2009

"Between Us Girls"

Between Us Girls
Winter 2008

"Trouble in Paradise"

Long Story Short
November 2008

"Bright and Shiny Things"

Stories that Lift
November 2008

"The House that Philip Built"

The House that Philip Built
Fall 2007

"On Silent Feet"

July, 2007

"A Messy Death"

August 2007

"Sometimes Boring is Good"

Sometimes Boring is Good
December 2006

"Rose and the Mask"

Crime and Suspense Magazine
Winter 2006

"Matched Set"

Long Story Short
Winter 2006
Derringer nominee

"Happy Christmas to All"

Happy Christmas to All
December 2005

"The Wife"

Vacant Funhouse
June 2005

"Joker’s Wild"

June 2005

"What Men Need"

Web Mystery Magazine
Spring 2005

"Seth’s Problem"

Rain Tiger Story Hall
November 2004

"Family Secrets"

Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine
Oct/Nov/Dec 2004

"My Sister and I"

Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine
July/Aug/Sept 2004

"This Town’s for Dying"

Detective Mystery Stories
June 2004

"Shadow of a Doubt"

Orchard Press Mysteries
March 2004

"Up in Smoke"

Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine
Jan/Feb/Mar 2004
Derringer Nominee

"The Ring"

Flash Fantastic
January 2004

"Ransom Is as Ransom Does"

December 2003

"Brotherly Love"

EWG Presents
Oct 2003


Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine
July/August/Sept 2003

"The Envelope, Please"

Detective Mystery Stories
June 2003

"Found Him"

Hardluck Stories
Spring 2003

"Missing Ivy"

Dective Mystery Stories
December 2002

"Exercise in Judgment"

Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine
Oct/Nov/Dec 2002

"Warning Signs"

Detective Mystery Stories
October 2002

"A Fine Mess"

Detective Mystery Stories
July 2002

"Rainbow’s End"

Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine
April/May/June 2002
Crime and Suspense : Reprint
May 2007
Mysterical-e : Reprint
Spring/Summer 2012
winner of special Fire-to-Fly award


Nefarious - Tales of Mystery
December 2001

"No Visible Means of Support"

Futures Magazine
June/July 2001


Nefarious - Tales of Mystery
March 2007

"Why I Quit Jogging"

Why I Quit Jogging
February 2000
Run the Planet

"Sad Victory"

Futures Magazine
February/March 2000


The Mystery Morgue Showcase
October 1999


artisan a journal of craft
Fall 1998

"We Three"

Whispering Willows Mystery Magazine
Bon Voyage Edition


Red Herring Mystery Magazine

"Pound for Pound"

Anterior Fiction Quarterly
Winter 1997

"The Scarf"

Whispering Willows Mystery Magazine : Premier Edition

"The Unanswered Phone"

Writer's Journal
July/August 1996

"The Plant Lady"

Ebbing Tide
No. 12
first place short story winner

"The Antidote"

Writer’s Journal : Minnesota Ink section

"Monica Finds a Job"

Fort Worth Star Telegram
winner of short fiction contest (1993)