Here are what I’ve found to be the best keyboard shortcuts. Do you have a favorite that’s not listed?

Control-S = Save. Recommend you do that at least after every page you type or about every five minutes. Make it a habit.

Control-A = Select the whole document to make changes or copy it.

Control-Z – Undo, undoes the last character you typed or other actions taken, such as hitting the tab key.

Control-Y = In case you do too many undoes in a row, you can get whatever it was back again.

Control-C = Copy and Control-P = Paste

Control+ = Zoom in—you can hit the + sign several times to make the font as large as you need. This works in your browser and probably in your email program—you know, when you get one of those emails with a tiny, tiny font. To make the text smaller again, hit Control- (minus) as many times as needed.

Then there’s Control-B for Bold, Control-I for Italics, and Control-U for Underline. (After you’ve highlighted the text you want formatted or before you start typing new characters.)

For many more that most people won’t use, but where you might find one that you’d use a lot, go here:

Have fun clicking!