We’ve now covered some basics for being organized. It’s time to talk about how you feel about your space and time.

If you’re reading this part of my blog about organization, you might not feel too good about your organizational skills. But you have to be careful about how you talk to yourself. If you constantly mentally berate yourself, if you’re always unhappy, it won’t help you improve.

“I did what I could” and “It’s good enough” are two phrases that will help you immensely in the process of becoming better organized.

At the end of the day, think about those actions that improved your environment and make you feel good about what you accomplished. And if you are not totally pleased with something you accomplished or didn’t finish or didn’t do to your satisfaction, let it go for now. It was either good enough or you can tweak it some other time. Congratulate yourself on the old college try and for getting something done.

Listen to your “self-talk.” What are you saying to yourself that is getting in the way of accomplishing your goals? Are you constantly berating yourself? Are you always feeling overwhelmed and voicing that to yourself over and over again?

It’s very hard to get things done if you’re tense all the time. The ideal is to have a plan (we’ll talk more about planning later), to do as much as you can on that plan every day, and then to relax, knowing you did what you could considering time, resources and energy.

Beating yourself up about what you haven’t accomplished just makes you feel bad, discouraged. Don’t do it! Treat yourself as well as you would anyone else. You deserve it!