Just some random thoughts about things we do that waste our time and energy.

  • Never move. It takes at least six months to get resettled, I learned from our many moves. Oh, well, if the reason is good enough, go ahead, but you’ve been warned.
  • Never, ever change your email address. Remember moving taking so long? Part of that is getting everyone on board with your new physical address. When you change your email addy, all hell breaks loose, and it will take you at least six months to recover. See a pattern here?
  • Never buy stuff you don’t need or love. ’Nuff said.
  • The more children, pets, or spouses you add to your life, the more complicated it will become. Just sayin’.
  • The more activities you decide to be in, the less time you’ll have for other activities. Sit down with yourself and have a good conversation about how many things you’ll take on outside of your family and work life. This includes volunteering, exercising, and activities like bring-your-own-wine to a painting class or bowling.
  • Have a place for everything, and put things in their places when you’re finished using them. Your future self will thank you, and maybe even some family members. Time wasted looking for things can never be regained.
  • Social media can be a huge time suck. Be picky. Both about how many social media you get involved in and how much time you spend on them. Do not allow yourself to be interrupted when working by phone calls, text messages, or the lure of Facebook or Twitter. Especially when driving! You’re smarter than that.
  • Plan one or two days a week to do errands and shop. Make lists, be systematic in your route, and stay off the phone until you get home again. Your nerves will thank you.

What have I missed. I know it’s something or some things. Please let me know in the comments!