Think hard about these questions to make your life better.

What are your top priorities in life? I imagine they include self-care (meaning everything from grooming to spiritual matters),

family and friends, work, your personal environment (home and office, if working outside the home, even car), and leisure time (which may include volunteer work). Anything else?

How would you list them in order of importance?

How much time would you say you need every day to tend to each one?

Have you ever sat down and made a chart or a list of everything you want to do every day to meet your goals?

Are there enough hours in the day to meet them?

What can you cut back on to improve what needs improvement?

How can you get the most important items done every day? Do you need help? Are you asking too much of yourself? Have you shared you goals with your family and friends so they understand when you can’t help them with their own needs and wants all the time?

When you look back on your life, what will give you the most pleasure to remember? Don’t forget your future self when setting up your goals!

When something comes up during your day that is not part of your goals, how do you handle it? Do you toss away your goals because someone asks you to do something else? Do you get wrapped up in someone else’s drama? Do you become distracted by phone calls, emails, other social media?

Do you allow for interruptions? And do you schedule time to do the things you love to do?

Once you have answered all these questions and written down your major goals in life, you will be on your way to a better life for yourself and those around you. When you consciously set out to do things, they are more apt to get done.

And the satisfaction from that is worth all the planning. Your future self will thank you.